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Default Re: Time to give up?

Just humor me MysterySandwich. If a student struggled this incredibly hard and came to you with their eyes just glazed over and (understandably) wanting to throw in the towel, what would you tell them?

If you walk away while it is still a failed project, it will always be in the loss column. In a Bronx, NY accent, gotta be "****Me, na, no. ****you"

As was said above, take a break then hit it again and hard. You can do this. I have faith in you and know you can do it!

Once she is up, running and purring like the finely oiled machine you intended, beat that **** thing to death with a bat until it is out of your system.

That way it will be "win/win" it lost and you won.

You can do this. Don't give up the ship until your socks are wet and your boots are full of water.

worst apocalypse ever

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