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Default Re: Time to give up?

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Best thing I can recommend is that, should you have a change of heart later on and want to try again, search through some of the threads and posts in this forum pertaining to upgrades, installation tips, similar stuff.
Speaking of Craigslist, often you can find some real classics on there. Sturdy steel framed cruisers that can generally take more punishment than some of the cheaper models of bikes we commonly see. Heck, my old JC Higgins was being pitched because (at the time) it looked too awful for anybody to buy it from the seller's garage sale. I think she cleaned up nice, and she is super solid.
I've learned a few things in the meanwhile too. Like: the chain guide/tensioner has to be VERY securely mounted; it's often good to replace the motor mount bolts early on with something stronger, as well as the head bolts; it's important to make the mounting seats of the engine case as flush against the frame as humanly possible; and lots more that I can't think of right off hand.
Some people might discover they'd be much happier with some other hobby. This forum has all the crazy ones who stuck it out, and learned a few things along the way. And we posted what we know for other MBers to read and learn for free. And there are some real experts here too. If you decide to keep your bike after all, I'm sure there are a lot of us who will help however we can.
Yeah, plenty of things I learned also, I thought I was going to stick it out, but this cracked frame... I might push through though, maybe..

Originally Posted by Mr. Minecraft View Post
Sell it, take a break, then start over. Do a lot of research before purchasing anything.
I did a ton of research before I started, I spent the extra $100 to buy the better engine kit from VMB, found a good base bike, and did all those things like cleaning out the gas tank, loctite... I watched a ton of tutorials on how to build them so I could see if I could do it or not

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The Nirve B-1 is a steel framed bike. I'm very surprised the frame cracked.
Would it be possible for you to post some closeup photos of your engine mounts, both front and rear? That would help us diagnose what might have caused the failures.

As for other problems you've had, what were they and what did you do to fix them?

We'd hate to see you give up even though I can understand your frustrations. Stick with it just a while and let's see if we can't talk you through some of the issues and get you back on the road with a little more reliability that you've had so far.

Uhmm I don't know where to start, one of my first problems before I even mounted the engine was that the sprocket cover screws were stuck and the heads were messed up from me trying to get em out. (Easy out didn't work, I tried JB weld'ing a bolt to it, eventually I just took a big drill head and completely removed the screw heads)
Let's see... my first base bike turned out to have a faulty rear wheel (I thought I got a bargain on CL, that's when I went big and bought the Nirve B1)
Had a fuel leak problem once (one of those things that were my fault... I just ended up buying thinner fuel line), one time I was riding back from school when something happened to my spark plug/wire (had to order new ones off SBP), multiple spark plugs fouling even though I was following rules on oil/gas ratio and setting my carb right. And some other less-headachy ones.

Here are some pics
I'm pretty sure I tightened the rear mount quickly, I should've bought that torque wrench...:

Originally Posted by ocho ninja View Post
If you ever had chance to come down to san jose me or my friend could help you out.
He has been putting motorized bicycles together for a while and has encountered all the problems in the book. In addition we both have access to welders.
Thanks, but I don't think Ill ever be going down there =X
The best part about asking questions, is that you add to the pool of information that future builders can look back on through the search function
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