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Default Re: Tons of HT motors in a warehouse:

Originally Posted by UVsaturated View Post
Hence that is why I am writing a book about motorized bicycling with 2-stroke engines. Seriously, there is no census on who has the right instructions. It is bassackwards, so if someone writes a piece of material on the subject it will become a de facto bible of instruction. I bought a kit from China and shipped with it were some photocopies from a website, that was the instruction manual.

I've illustrated two other technical manuals also so I have a clue how to go about doing it.

Very cool, glad the job's being done by someone good at that. One of the key things I've learned getting this far in life is to let people better at something than I am do it (and watch and learn if the opportunity is there ).
The first kit I installed, I tried to use the instructions as a guide and figured out the rest (my dad's one of those trades-trained guys that can fix anything, I spent a lot of time 'helping' him as a kid). By the time I assembled the second I had a pretty good idea what I did right and what I could have done better from the first, plus the knowledge of this place. Third's on hold, fourth is underway....

Once the machine is assembled, this forum has also been fantastic source for inspiration, advice on maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Thanks for that everyone.


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