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Default Re: New To The Hobby & Seeking Recommendations

motorized bicycle riding is like smoking crack...once you get started...

I don't know how close you live to a large city but check Craigslist for kit dealers in your area. There are only a couple factories now making the china motors from what I hear and all the motors are pretty much the same.

4 stroke seems to be the motor of choice now, twice the price but worth it. But I still love the look of the 2 stokes and if you treat them right they'll "love you long time".

Personally, I look for old motorcycles with Morini engines on them. Getting harder and harder to find but you can still buy new ones from Herdan. If you have the cash you can get 50cc Morini engines that put out 11.5 hp!!!

Or if your REALLY into speed and excitement go for the Harbor Freight Predator engines. But if you go with the this option I hope you have lots of metal working tools and welding experience.
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