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Default Re: what does "HT" stand for ??

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
I think that you're joking but it comes off like you know what you are
talking about.
No, I'm not "joking" and when it comes to someone acting as if they know what they're talking about... look in a mirror. If it wasn't for this forum I have to wonder just where else you'd go to promote your race agenda.

The fact is that your buddy Augie got the name from one of the earliest Chinese bicycle engine kits. Way before you, or him, ever thought about motorizing a bicycle. Probably before you were out of high school.

If I had access to the data on a very old computer that I no longer have I'd prove my point. Unfortunately I have only my memory of the kit to which I refer. It was marketed under the brand name of "Happy Time Motobike Kit" and sold for $59.00. The first one I saw was at a car show in the late 90s. The owner showed me the instruction booklet that came with the kit. That's where I first saw the words, "Happy Time". Tell your buddy he didn't "coin" anything, just copied the Chinese company that made the kit.

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