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Default Re: what does "HT" stand for ??

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Actually it was the name of one of the earliest 2 stroke engine kits. The company that imported it to the states called their kit "Happy Time Bicycle Motor". The company, or at least their name for the engine is gone but Happy Time, or HT stuck and it's become synonymous with the Chinese 2 stroke, in-frame engine. They are also often refered to as China Girls.
You'll have to ask Dan how to mount one of those

LOL Tom.

For folks reading, a few yrs back I went on a completely innocent tangent about how to "properly mount a ChinGirl" (HT) My right hand raised, I did say it with out double on-tundra intended. But was hysterical when Tom pointed out my completely missing how what I had written could be construed.

So in keeping with that vain and according to the kamasutra,

"Remember, when opening the box, that this is your HT's/China Girl's first time. Be gentle as she knows not of a crafter's hand....."

.....and be sure to check all fasteners regularly.
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