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Default Motor bicycling waaaay South

Hi all,
not only the new Pope is from Argentina. Me too!

Tired of driving to work and not wanting to have a second car for my wife, I put myself to the task of buying one of those cheap "StarFire"-like 2-strokes and mount it on one very old bike I had laying around.

Now poor ol' bike has parts from three generations and a brand new motor. I'm about to finish assembly and will give it a try during the weekend, I guess.

Given that cheap engine is the only thing I was able to put my hands on (imports in Argentina are getting harder and harder to get) I hope everything goes well. Not the best quality I've seen!!! Already found a couple of metal shaving inside the motor, after opening it up (voiding the 60-day guarantee in the process :-)

All right, wish me luck and I'll see how it goes.

Cheers from the (now getting colder) South.

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