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Default Re: 200w petrol motor

Originally Posted by Roc_Doc View Post
Hi All, Now this may be a disrespectful quesion from a Noob, however, I was just wondering, how much are you guys pedalling?

I am a lifeloing cyclist and am keen as mustard to get a motorised bike, (Following in the steps of My grandfather, who had a motorised Bike in the 1940's before graduating up to an Indian Scout....) , but I don't want to get nicked by the police so I would certainly buy the 200watt motor. Anyhow, I was just wondering, for a fit cyclist, can you still belt along at a respectable speed with 200watts?

Zbox says that their motor (Dyno tested these days) will push you at 20-30KPH, am I right in thinking that that is with minimal pedalling input? How fast when pedalling, 40/50KPH?

Or would the engine in fact be a drag on me going faster than 30KPH?

I was going to adress these questions to Both ZBOX and Rock Solid but I wanted to hear the truth from someone else than a salesman.

From experience of a non 200watt motorised bike, I would think the engine would become more of a drag anything over 35km/h.

Power (watts) ~~ RPMs (speed) * Torque

This means that the motor has enough torque at low rpms to push you along, until the RPMs start getting too high, then the torque has to go down, to keep the engine under 200 watts. If you've ever tried pedalling a dead motor, I think that will be what it would feel like trying to get to 40kph on one of these.

That's why I'm going to get a shift kit, which will hopefully raise the top speed without needing to pedal.
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