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Default Re: I've been looking at Moped Utubes

I've noticed there's a lot of animosity between motor bicycle riders, and so called moped riders. Not just these two groups either, and it's always been this way. Harley riders, made fun of Indian riders. 4 stroke riders made fun of 2 stroke riders. Everyone made fun of japanese cruisers. Then there's lowly scooters that everyone makes fun of. Harley riders even make fun of Sportster riders. Sportster's are girls bikes. 550 lb girl bikes lol.

I've noticed more acceptance of japanese cruisers among Harley riders, especially the last 15 years or so. Scooters are becoming very popular. I think the next step is moped riders are going to have to accept motor bicycles.

I've noticed in the owners manual of my new Tomos, it's referred to as a motor bicycle 15 times. It's referred to as a moped, 10 times, and it's referred to as a motorcycle 2 times.
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