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Default Re: 200w petrol motor

Hi All, Now this may be a disrespectful quesion from a Noob, however, I was just wondering, how much are you guys pedalling?

I am a lifeloing cyclist and am keen as mustard to get a motorised bike, (Following in the steps of My grandfather, who had a motorised Bike in the 1940's before graduating up to an Indian Scout....) , but I don't want to get nicked by the police so I would certainly buy the 200watt motor. Anyhow, I was just wondering, for a fit cyclist, can you still belt along at a respectable speed with 200watts?

Zbox says that their motor (Dyno tested these days) will push you at 20-30KPH, am I right in thinking that that is with minimal pedalling input? How fast when pedalling, 40/50KPH?

Or would the engine in fact be a drag on me going faster than 30KPH?

I was going to adress these questions to Both ZBOX and Rock Solid but I wanted to hear the truth from someone else than a salesman.


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