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Default Re: Arranging shifter, brakes and throttle when left hand doesnt work very well

Thanks for all the ideas so far, I'm planning on a 4 stroke w/ a SBP shift kit so there won't be a clutch to worry about.

Sorry, I should have specified that. The grip shifter will be driving a 7 speed. The 4 stroke has a centrifugal clutch that does it thing dependent on throttle/rpm so I wont have to worry about it.

My main concern was the the throttle/brake interference. I guess it's a non-issue after all.

Yeah, table saw, messy way to chop off fingers.... did it 6 years ago so it's healed up as much as it ever will. I've been a hobby woodworker for 25 years and I've met a lot of guys missing fingers.

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