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Default Re: Painting my bike

Originally Posted by AussieJester View Post
Yeah you need a sword brush, even with the correct brush its bloody difficult to do, i would have opted for hitting the auto store and buying a roll of pin striping tape and stuck them on...probably still an option? could then lacquer over the top :-)
Wait, what? I didn't even know I could get that stuff, argh. Would it be flexible enough to stripe the flames? Seems like it would be tough to get it neat.

So, I'm an idiot. Seriously.

Last night I decided to put my bottom bracket back together. I KNEW which sides the different pieces went on. I just could NOT get them screwed on all the way, no matter how hard I tried. I even ended up slipping with the wrench and put a nice big gash in the paint.

After an hour and a half, I figured I'd try switching the pieces around as a last resort. Perfect fit, no effort required. :headdesk: At least I was able to touch up the spot I screwed up and leave it looking good.

I also put the fork back on as well. I probably should've got new bearings for the crank and fork, but they were still somewhat decent so what the heck. I used this thick green snotty goo grease from Phil Wood. I like it, except for the smell it leaves on your hands.
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