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Default Re: Arranging shifter, brakes and throttle when left hand doesnt work very well

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Howdy Dave.

I am not sure and have no advise other then have you considered an non-manual clutch? Like with a pullstart, 2 stroke or 4 stroke. A few more bucks but would solve the issue.

Wow, reading "table saw" in that context gave me a shiver. Hope it is a "gonna-heal" thing.
Seems like Dan's advice is the way to go. Being unable to pull (squeeze) a lever is going to make using a manual clutch difficult for the man. A centrifugal clutch would be his best option.

I also agree that having both brake and throttle on the right is common. Most of us do it that way and it does become second nature to roll off power as you apply brake with the right hand.

Funny that no one has mentioned that shifters, for the most part aren't used much on a motorized bike. Select one gear that allows easy pedaling to start the engine and the shifter is then just along for the ride and not used again.

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