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Default Arranging shifter, brakes and throttle when left hand doesnt work very well

I'd like to get your opinions on how to arrange everything on my handlebars before I put it all together.

My left hand doesnt work very well due to a table saw accident, I can grip and twist a throttle or a grip shifter to an extent but not pull on a lever.

I'm concerned that having the throttle and dual brake operated by my right hand would interfere with each other: Like I could still be twisting the throttle when trying to brake at the same time.

I dont have a lot of grip strength or endurance in my left, how hard is it to twist a motorized bicycle throttle? Is it tiring? I wouldnt imagine so but I figure its worth asking the question.

However I can easily twist a grip shifter with my left, I do it now all the time.

Any advice? Thanks!

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