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Default A new obsession?

Hello to everybody from the hills of Northeast Tennessee!

I think about how fun it might be to have a motorized bike. I'm wanting to just buzz around the neighborhood in the afternoons, maybe do a local errand, but mostly just cruise without having to pedal.

Each time I get a little extra money i think about getting a motor. I have a few bikes. So i thought I would check in here before I made any other purchases. Which I would like to do very soon.

I have a Huffy Newport (7 speed and front/rear brakes)
-I would like to upgrade brakes for sure!!

I think I'm going to order the 66/80 Flying horse motor kit from Berry Bikes.

Would love to get any info I can for build, kit purchase, as well as headaches to look out for.

My big question is about getting the bike ready for this! All of the motor kits pretty much seem the same and i've read good things about dealing with Berry Bikes.

Thanks for any input!
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