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Default Re: Top 10 Hipster Motorcycles

I went to the "Giant motorcycle swap meet" at the IX Center this weekend. In the booth behind us was a 70's built Triumph chopper complete with 6' long forks, coffin tank, purple paint, and lots of spiral twisted chrome.

A lot of people checked it out, but a gaggle of hipsters kept coming back, taking pictures with their phones and not asking any questions, just talking among themselves about how ''cool it would be to buy it".

Well, one finally did buy it, and then the kid couldn't figure out how to get it into neutral so they could push it away. He kept stomping on, and trying to lift the brake lever...

Poor bike! I doubt it will run long if ever again, and being that it had only a drum rear brake and a flexible set of forks, it won't be long before it's wrecked if it ever sees the road again.
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