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Default Re: Might as well get a thread started...

Well, I started on the conversion and decided to stop. I'd love to have a powered bike to ride this weekend but that just isn't going to happen (unless I go get one of those Huffy things from Wal-Mart) so I'm just mocking it up and seeing exactly how much work I've got ahead of me...

To mount the engine where I want (right in front of seat post) I'll have to have a longer right side drive chain with a tensioner/idler to keep the chain off the lower portion of the clutch housing as well as a longer chain for the left side.

Left side chainstay will need to be reworked so the chain will clear.

Some custom engine mounts will need to be cut and welded.

The exhaust will need to be modified.

I'd like to rework the tank

Need a longer clutch cable, longer throttle cable...

No clue which way I want to go with it. Might keep it the way it is, ride it, put the kit on a Cranbrook from Wal-Mart, and get a 2nd kit and build a bike that won't require weeks and weeks of modifying to get it going. Build it to be motorized from the start.

That Cranbrook is looking mighty tempting right now. I know it would be a much quicker conversion than this chopper.

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