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Default Re: fork with 1 1/8" steerer on an old school frame

Originally Posted by Don P View Post
bigbutterbean Hi
I thought the same thing about the springer fork as you did (WHAT.S IS TALKING ABOUT????) but i think from the jest of what he is saying is he is trying to use it as a mountain bike. just look at the bike no fenders, clip on peddles and straight handlebars. i seen a video on you tube where they are taking old cantaliver frame and down hilling them. keep destroying them boys makes mine worth more $$$$$$$.

i put a 1 1/8" tube fork in a 1962 frame and it did not bind did not need to remove anything. i guess it just depends on what parts you have.

yes i see your point on grind on steering parts could end bad.
if you did have a small bind some just lightly sand the steem and bearing cup by hand should clear it up (no grinding).

Don p
I get what you're saying, thing I'm confused about is, if he wanted to turn it into a mountain bike, why put a springer on it in the first place?
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