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Default Re: fork with 1 1/8" steerer on an old school frame

I think the guy that wrote the tutorial is an idiot. First clue was when he said the springer fork moves the wheel back when you hit a bump. I have never heard anyone complain of that, and just by looking at a springer you can tell its designed to make the wheel pivot forward, not back. Secondly he is complaining about not having a brake mount. There are plenty of options to add brakes to springers. There are v-brake adapter plates all over the web, venice motor bikes makes disc brake adapters for springers as well, and there are also drum brakes. The guy is either too lazy and dumb to consider alternatives and research them, or he just wanted an excuse to change something on his bike. And grinding on fork components might be ok on a pedal bike, but I would never consider it safe on a motorbike. It also requires a level of mechanical experience and attention to detail that some people don't possess, and attempting something like that by yourself for the first time could end badly. I'm not saying that you cant get to that level of mechanical ability, but if you're not at that level, you shouldnt be trying something like this. This is just my opinion, others may feel differently.
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