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Default Re: Gave up trying to go fast

Originally Posted by SoThatICanRIdeWithTraffic View Post
As i mentioned on my post i did get my bike up to 40mph + with all the performance upgrades available for chinese motors. It wasnt even worth it. Maybe if i spent about 600 dollars on a durable bike and another 500 on a low maintenance and high performing ktm clone engine, i might have liked high speed motorized bicycle. But on a chinese motor kit mounted on a walmart bike to save money because i am saving up money for a car or a motorcycle? No thank you. Constant maintenance because the bike is falling apart because its cheap and cant handle the vibrations isnt worth it
Yes- I've come to believe ther is kind of a "wall" out there at about 40mph. My 66 will go up to at least 35 with no headwind against me- and a little more I don't care to push it to.

It's pretty stock 66 wih NT Speed carb and the concessions I guess are a $30 34 alloy sprocket , and a $15 short billet intake- the 27" alloy wheels are an add on technically, but fundamental for a good roll AND pedal as far as I'm concerned. I think the only way I could hope to gain a few more mph would be a shift kit, to get into a bigger gear on the top end, and maybe an expansion pipe instead of the long poo poo that keeps it fairly quiet.
I guess a really good performance carb would help, but the NT is reliable and cheap.

A lot of money and fiddling with some things that can fail more easily- for maybe another 5 and just slightly over 40, but then pushing the motor into RPMs that will wear it out or make it fail more quickly. Plus, I just don't want to be working on it constantly- it's about practical transportation here.

I ride between 25 and 30 with ease, and get to my local destinations as quickly as I could ask- and the bike parks generally quicker and closer to my destination than the car when i get there.

Got a 50 scooter I NEVER ride and probably sell soon. It's quieter, but not as practical or inexpensive as the old China Girls.

Where's that "smiles" rider flying the CHINESE flag?- it's THEIR motor most of us are using!
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