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Default Re: Gave up trying to go fast

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
I'm as fast or a bit faster than a stock moped
generally much cheaper
the motorized bicycle is waaay lighter, rolls better,
pedals waaay better, and there's no registration

I like to say that with a light bike and light wheels- the bike caught up to the 50cc motor
It's a "bike with afterburners"- it coasts almost as good as a fine roadbike,
but it's still a "chinese junk" with baskets for hauling stuff.

"Normal" people who hold it in contempt really don't know what they're missing
As i mentioned on my post i did get my bike up to 40mph + with all the performance upgrades available for chinese motors. It wasnt even worth it. Maybe if i spent about 600 dollars on a durable bike and another 500 on a low maintenance and high performing ktm clone engine, i might have liked high speed motorized bicycle. But on a chinese motor kit mounted on a walmart bike to save money because i am saving up money for a car or a motorcycle? No thank you. Constant maintenance because the bike is falling apart because its cheap and cant handle the vibrations isnt worth it
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