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Default Re: Paint Disaster, Any Clues?


When I saw your title "Paint Disaster", Lusterkote paint and its bad reaction to many types of other non Lusterkote primers came to mind, but I see this is not the case here. I found out the hard way on an airplane cowl that Lusterkote paint is not very friendly to some different brands of primer. Just wanted to share that for your future reference because I know that you are familiar with the Lusterkote paints. Most people will never come into contact with that brand, but of course I have a hobby cabinet full of it. guess would be that you just got your filler coats a bit to heavy and also the fact that the temperature was not warm enough. Filler primer if you watch it dry sorta has a tendency to expend as it drys to try find any imperfections and fill them as it expands. If the viscosity of the paint is too thick which can be caused by improper temperature...then the rate at which it expands and the evenness in which it flows is going to be hindered and thus the paint may just sort of puddle up in areas as it trys to expand and fill. I am not saying this is for sure what happened on your tank, but I have have similar experiences in the past trying to use filler primer in the cold on some of my model airplane aluminum parts in the past that I was trying to use filler primer to basicly eliminate some square corners. It kept sorta puddling on me after it looked like I was spraying even coats. I warmed the piece I was painting with my nebco heater and also warmed my can up with my heat gun. Worked fine after that. Just something you may wanna try.

I also have had bad experience trying to paint anything that has ever been polished or cleaned with a silicone based product. Once you get silicone on something you want to seems almost impossible to get that stuff cleaned off there even using mineral spirits or even acitone. If your tank had a gauge or scratch in that area that was exposeing bare metal before you sanded the tank down..then it is possible that someone used a silicone based cleaner to shine the tank. However if you know that the tank was not scraped in that area with any bare metal showing....then it is probably safe to assume that it would not be caused from silicone coming into contact with the raw steel.

Hope it works out better for you the next time. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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