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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I've been held up this week by some ebay loons taking a week to post me some cutting oil an discs (stll waiting on the oil :roll: ), also lost me 6mm die an holder in the worlds smallest shed an had to order another (a pound to a pinch of **** it will turn up now I've bought another) !

The front mudguard stay had one fastener missing so have made another one to do the job, It takes me ages doing little jobs like this on the lathe but love it cos its free .
Its a bit of mild steel bar an Its only a 6mm thread and in total the length is about 2.5cm long but when cutting the thread to size it bent quite easily, would I be right in thinking by heating it up red hot and quenching it in oil it will harden the metal ?

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