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Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
That's the kit I have on two builds, same supplier. It will make it up the hills but you should pedal along with it to help keep it from bogging out on you 2/3rds of the way up.

The stock drive sprocket is 44T. I have one running with a 36T 'speed' sprocket and 'Speed' carb, my beast, and it needs help up longer hills. My wife's bike has a 48T 'torque' drive sprocket and will buzz happily up hills with little or no assistance, and doesn't notice the trailer behind it at all.

The price isn't bad, close to average I think for this type of kit. I didn't pay shipping, I picked up direct from thier warehouse. Whereabouts in Canada are you?
Thanks BikeJoe and Ctripps. I live in Vancouver Canada as well and its kind of far to their warehouse.

I have one question. It says the engine kit will run top approx. 28mph. Does that mean the speed will decrease if i were to get a 48T torque sprocket?

Also, I just checked the items you mentioned: carb / sprocket. Are those worth getting it?
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