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Default Paint Disaster, Any Clues?

I've been painting stuff for a long time. I know the importance of a clean surface and how to prep bare steel for painting. I started with a clean fuel tank, sanded with 380 paper, cleaned with lacquer thinner then I used metal prep before shooting two coats of etching primer. The tank was allowed to dry for 48 hours before I sanded it with 400 and applied the heavy fill primer. About twenty minutes after shooting the fill primer I started seeing a defect appear in the tank, right behind the fuel cap bung.

The longer it dried the worse the defect got until it looks like what the photos show. The only thing I did wrong was shoot the primer at a lower temperature than the directions on the can say. The manufacturer recommends that it be at least 65 degrees and it was only about 60 but there was good sunshine and the tank was in full sun during the initial dry time and warm to the touch from the solar heating. The two primers are made by the same company and is supposed to be used as I did; etching coat first then the heavy fill on top of it.

Any experienced painters here who might tell me, or have a theory about what happened? I'm going to sand the tank back down to bare steel and start over. I just don't want this to happen again.

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