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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Cool Znsane! What are your thoughts on the new motor? There is a lot of interest in it.
I like mine so far. It sounds big and deep toned for an 80cc engine, and has torque.

Box said 24.80 lbs shipping weight. It's heavy, but not too heavy for a bike or trailer.

It runs good, but I still have to break it in on a bike when I finish my build. Nice engine, the build quality I observed doesn't seem as good as my Lifan 6.5HP, although, they are similar. I had to remove the gas tank to bend a metal bracket to get the idle right, and the throttle screw was so tight you couldn't move the throttle lever at all. Once I made those fixes, everything is good from there. It revs fast and works great with the 2300RPM Hillard clutch I have for it.

If you want to use this engine, give it a shot. I will be using the 2.5HP hoping to get much more than the 100MPG of the 6.5HP engine.

The 80cc 2.5HP is cheap compared to a typical 35 or 50cc 4-stroke bike motor, so you get a good deal, and more HP for your Dollar.

However, you still can't beat the HP/$ of the 6.5HP. However, size and weight has consequences, so that's why I'm going with the smaller and lighter 2.5HP instead for my 2nd build.

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