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Default Genesis Astra 2 Stroke Build

Hello all I have been in search of a hobby for a while now..I love tinkering with cars and motorcycles. But i'm getting married soon and I told the misses I would put those things on the back burner. But I couldnt resist getting into something new, so I got the ok from my better half and decided to build a motorized bike.

I have spent countless nights up searching and researching to get a better understanding and idea on what it is I want to do. I have seen some wonderful builds. and have been inspired. I do have experience working and riding motorcycles and since I no longer have one I figured this would be a nice option.

My first dilemma was what type of bike..I have read countless post where people frown upon using wal-mart bikes..but I have also read where folks have used these bikes with some success. So I decided to get a wal-mart bike. The bike I chose was the Genesis Astra. The reason I chose this bike was because firstly I think it is an excellent looking bike, it is a 7 speed and it has hand brakes for the front and back. Not to mention the price was right.

When I finally got the bike I assembled it, as with anything you assemble, a few adjustments had to be made. The wheels were far from being true so I took care of that and adjusted the brakes. I have been itching to take the bike out for a ride so I coud get a feel for it before I slap a motor on it but the weather has not been cooperating. I was also considering regreasing the rear bearings with automotive grade grease so it can better cope with the increased speeds.

I did change a few things on the bike so far. First I got rid of the factory handlebars and used a set I had lying around from one of my old motorcycles. Then I replaced the the seatpost with a layback seat post that allowed me to use the factory seat. I believe these two things greatly improve the aesthetics of the bike (to my liking anyway).

So here are my plans for this bike:
I got a 80cc bike kit from bgf..regretting that a bit now should have just went and got it locally from pirate cycles. I purchased a kit with a black motor, I got it with paint chipped and one bent fin on the corner. The engine was simply placed in a bag, nothing in the box to protect it from being jostled about..but you live and learn.

I will be mounting a Garelli moped tank..I dont like the look of the tanks that come with the kit at all. I got the tank for $35 shipped off a moped forum. I'm in the process of stripping it and will paint it black.

I already purchased a few parts from sick bike parts such as the hardware kit..I dont trust these studs on the kit currently even though I'm sure many people have not had any issues with them. I will also be installing a dual brake lever, and using there front engine mount do to the size of my down tube.

I also will be installing the sprocket adapter from pirate cycles with the 44t sprocket. I have read that people have had success mounting the rag joint to the spokes using 6 bolts as opposed to 9. But in the long run I believe that this will be a better set up, and give me peace of mind.

I also purchased a voodoo muffler from ebay, for performances sake and looks. I will be installing a LED bullet style head light and some ebay turn signals to mount underneath the seat for safety sake.

I like the vinatge speedos I have seen on ebay, but not sure if I just want to go with a digital one. Anyone have experience with this vintage looking one.

here are pics of teh bike with the tank and engine. If anyone has any suggestions on how to mount the Garelli tank please share.

Here are pics of the tank and engine on the bike..I just had to see how it would look.

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