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Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Hi Kapelusprime, welcome to the forum from Dallas. I built a Rover a couple years ago for a friend. She still has it and like it very much. I did a tune up on for her last summer, and her stock wheels are getting pretty warpped alright, the rear is anyway.

I've found on all my bikes that replacing the wheels with good quality ones is about the best thing you can do for dependability. You can buy ready made wheels sometimes for good prices, but I've been getting them made for me at bike shops. REI has been good to me. You'll want a strong double wall rim. Sun, Rhyno lite rims are good low cost double rims. 12g spokes would be better with double wall, but most bike shops only want to use 14g. When the rim is strong enough 14g will last pretty good. Don't get wider than 30mm or you'll run into clearance problems with the tire. Mine are 27.5 mm. A 2.25 tire is about the biggest you can run. The CB110 coaster hub is a good one and they don't cost much. About $30. Expect to pay about 200-250 for a ready made double wall rim, coaster break wheel with 12g or 14g spokes. The Pirate hub adapter is a good one.

I bought a Sturmey Archer XL-FD drum brake, and had it laced to the rim I bought. They also have brake hubs with generators built in to.

I'm liking Flying Horse 80 motors best lately. You can find them at BikeBerry.

Here's a video of the Rover I made.
Sweet inspiration! What did you use for a front motor mount? Looks to be some flat 1/25 inch flat steel stock a hockey puck cut to shape and ubolt covered in a rubber tube. I need help with terminology mostly. I want to put a springer fork on, What do I look for when it comes to size (1 in) etc how do I measure what I have. I also want to replace the crank and pedals, what do I look for there to know what I have or need for replacement? Would you use that electric hub up front? I'm digging the look of the black hawk I saw on a site for sale complete on another site. At $3000 I'd rather build a facsimile of it myself. I like the flat black look with either flat springer forks or chrome with dual headlights and led my existing tail light. All this may be ambitious for my first build but I'd like to end with a nice finished product. Where do you get that chain tension idler, I'm going to use your motor and chain set up. I've seen some folks leave a long chain on when it looks like a chain tool and master link would help shorten the issue of taking up a lot of slack. Any reason? or is it just getting proper angle into the motor housing? Last of the many questions for now, if I use the rim size you gave me, which sounds just fine to me. Will that also accommodate a front disk kit you can get on the spring forks?

Thanks Folks for the input and please feel free to keep comment and input. I will post step by steps and finish product when I'm done. I'm pumped to get started!
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