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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Funny story about mine. I rode it to a bicycle shop about twenty years ago. I was inside and when I walked out all the bike store guys were crowded around it. They wanted to know if I was selling it. At the time I didn't realize it was unique. They mentioned the odd front shifter/freewheel and the fact that it had a metal head badge. They said it was worth more than when it was new. I'm glad I kept it. Maybe it'll be a collector's item someday.
If I were you I'd probably just hang that puppy up in my garage and save it.

I'll have to search for it but I posted a thread here years ago about a bike my wife found in her parent's shed. Another collector. It's hanging in my garage today. An 80s vintage, made in the U.S. Huffy that was only ridden about 5 miles.
If you look at the post of my latest build, you will see a mid-80's Huffy I got at the same sale! Very cool bike except for the thin rear dropouts and cheap-%$@ hardware package...
Maybe we are related?
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