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Default Re: Need advice on Oil mixture

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Well, you shouldn't even "baby it".

Vary the throttle and engine speed. Revving it isn't going to hurt anything- it's not like you are walking on a freshly healed broken bone and need to take it easy. Any defective part that's going to break will do so in the first 30 seconds.

Don't lug the engine down with low rpm and high loads. This isn't a good idea, ever.

Don't make long down hill runs especially with the throttle all the way closed. Once again, with a two stroke, this is never a good thing, it starves the engine for oil.

Do get on the throttle a bit, it helps seat the rings. It's a good idea to get on it for 10 seconds or so, then back off half the throttle and slow down, repeating this cycle for a few minutes, this will get the rings seated.
Check your plug to be sure you have a good burn- brown or slightly oily black, not white or gray.

Keep an eye out for loosening nuts and bolts. Watch the tensioner especially.

Have fun.

You've got a PM.
Very good advice here.
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