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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

If you look at the two magazine PDF articles on the product it look to me like a real photo of the product. I wouldn't write this off based on principle, I can see no technical reason why it wouldn't work. No fuel pump is needed as centrifugal force would send fuel to the engine which is spinning, in fact this would siphon fuel out of the tank! Clever I reckon.

Just because it is technically feasible does not mean that it will be mass produced however. It seems to be a less than ideal design, original yes but overly complicated and limited in power. What I would love to see is a premium version of the HT engine design with quality parts and built to higher specifications. I would happily pay twice as much for an engine that is twice as nice.

Who wants a 25cc front wheel drive motorised bicycle which has not enough power and is front heavy. Think about hard braking with all that extra weight on the front wheel!
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