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Default Re: Need advice on Oil mixture

Hey there...

Originally Posted by Shobiz1492 View Post
what is the best ratio to burn at for breaking in?
You'll get a lot of opinions about this subject which as been discussed many times. I'm a newbie with only 400 miles on my first build, but here's my experience:

I used a 16:1 mix (Castrol 2T) for the first couple of gallons of gas. I think that is actually a bit too much...but it was OK. Then I went to 32:1. Just checked the plug today and all is well. I could actually go for a tiny bit more oil. Like 34:1 according to the plug color.

Here's the best chart I've found, thanks to a post by Dave31:

Very important to check the plug. Don't take it out when the motor is hot.
Wait for the motor to be cool.
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