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Default Re: Chopper Bike, Impractical without Motor?

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
I look at these bikes and I think, they look heavy, but not only that they must be awful if you live near any hills.
The pedals are positioned so far forward that I think climbing hills would be hard. (at least sitting down)

Sometimes I think that people put motors on these things, not because they want to, but because they have to.

Am I right?
Are they impractical as a pedal bike?
My last two builds have been choppers, both built on the Nirve Switchblade chassis. If I had to pedal them they would be the most uncomfortable, hard to ride bikes I've ever had. Put an engine on them and they are the most comfortable, easy riding and best looking I've owned.

The secret? Make sure the engine stays running cause pedaling one of thses beasts for any distance would not be fun.

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