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Default Re: First build in Honolulu

How is your idle in general? Does it just die after riding or is the idle rough all the time?

Something I learned after my initial setup is the cables can have a lot of drag on them, and turning the handle bars can cause the cables to pull if there is enough drag. So, as you turn your bars the clutch may drag more or less, which can effect the idle and make the motor die if the idle is set low.

When you route your cables you want them to have broad sweeping curves, not sharp bends. You don't want to tie them down TOO tight, and you should shoot some light weight oil down the inside of the cable housing to lubricate them. I ended up using some cable "noodles" in the areas where I needed to make the sharpest bends and buying better quality lined cable housing that is much more smooth on the inside for the cable. I also built a little pulley wheel that the clutch cable rides over instead of using the original cable guide and spring on the motor. This reduced the force needed to pull in the clutch a ton and made riding less stressful on my hands. Now I can set my idle super low and it doesn't die on me when I move the bars around.

If your issue isn't with the cables then perhaps you should go into a little more detail about how your motor runs, how your idle is set etc. Make sure you don't have air leaks at the carb or intake. The culprit could also be the spark plug cap, cause they are one of the weakest links in the system. Replace the whole wire with an automotive plug wire and forget about that brittle plastic crap. Also, yes, by all means break in your motor before you worry too much about little things like stalling at stops etc. The break in fuel has lots of oil and these motors need to run a while before the rings set and everything gets worn in, it should smooth out a bit for you as you ride. Once you have gone through the break in fuel and moved to a standard mix that would be the time to get to doing all of the fine tuning...

Glad your build went well, and have fun riding there in Honolulu! I've been there a couple times, riding a motorized bicycle there would be awesome as long as the cops don't harass you.....

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