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Default Re: Raceing my bro for pinks tomorrow or bikes whatever

Originally Posted by Tatty View Post
ya i will get my chick to video it for sure, heres the deal my buddy is a older cat like 50 who has unlimited bike parts like u have ever seen and we bought the bike kits same time well his is fast all stock but hes got thiner tires and its low he s a small guy like 130 im like 160 and i put my bike in .....well i will post a pic....but he claims i can buy any pipe i want but he will smoke me no matter what he says so its on. there both beach cruisers i guess i will order it same day and spend 200 on a 75 dollar pipe its that important to me
If you don't lose your bike to your bro, you guys might wanna try racing
on a real track on Saturday April 13th at Grange Motor Circuit near Victorville.

The 2 stroke Pro class has cash money at stake and the Amateur class
has one of those very cool aluminum frames with the gas tank built in
donated by Rob and Gregg at Piston Bikes in Simi Valley.

If you lose maybe your bro will let you borrow your old bike for the race?
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