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Default Re: Gave up trying to go fast

Originally Posted by SoThatICanRIdeWithTraffic View Post
I decided to write here about the things I learned from messing with my 66cc bike

...stupid bikeberry claims motors capable of reaching 40mph
They can, if you port it, trim gaskets, cut a notch in the piston skirt, use top quality motor oil, that'll get you up to 63km/h (39mph) on a good day, then I suppose a better carb and a expansion chamber may push you over 63kmh/h or 40+ mph.
I have a Flying Horse from Zoombicycles, same as Bikeberry's I believe. I've reached 63km/h (39mph) on a 2.5Degree slope, but never 40, not yet.

I first got rid of the jackshaft. Found out that once motorized bicycle starts shifting gears, its illegal where I live. The derailuers needed constant maintenance anyways so it wasn't even worth it.
I've drempt of a shift kit, but then I thought I would spend more time maintaining it than using it, besides, I didn't like the idea of the front sprocket always spinning.

as long as I was wearing a full face helmet and gloves.
Really, in the USA? We don't need to wear gloves here, helmet is mandatory.
After riding around like that for a while, I took off my 66cc and switched it with 49cc and it was so much quieter and had less vibrations.

retighten everything after each rides.
And during, don't leave home without tools!
I love my Motor Bicycle, I love Beer, I'll try not to like them both at once.

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