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Default Re: Licenseless in Phoenix AZ

Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
Nice build, just keep in mind that in the heart of phoenix you WILL get a ticket
going much over 20mph which is the law here. good luck to you.
Glad you like my new wheels. Working to aquire some forks now so hopefully soon my commute will be more comfortable.

I think 20 is pretty low....I can acheive better than that (allbeit not for long) on my mountain bike. I understand it's the law but I'm not sure they'll waste time on me for going 25 instead of 20. If i was going 40, sure, I can see being stopped...but then if i'm able to go 40 i'm probably not going to stop for a cop that I didn't see behind me. If it's a motorcycle cop though there's not much you can do
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