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Default First build in Honolulu

So on this beautiful island, in the navy, I just got and nearly completed my first build. I have only seen one other in Hawaii so far. A new china doll black jet 66 on my crappy hundred dollar target magna cruiser. Just got done with first ride ever and holy %#{%! This thing flies. I had plenty of hiccups. Needed new pipe brackets and thin rubber Plummer sheets from lowes for tank tank mounting on oversized frame. With enough beer and a street full of highly trained drunk electronics expert sailors, yes, we messed up the wiring. Thank you all who posted online the black to black, blue to blue, kill switch to either. Now the problem. I stop with clutch pulled (disengaged) and she dies. Is this normal for break in? Adjustment ideas? I need to get the bugs out before I bolt for bolt lock everything in tight then do the cosmetics. She's already a beauty all blacked out, pics to follow when done. I'll also take my troubles to another forum when I have time. Anyone on the islands for a ride?
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