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Default Re: Licenseless in Phoenix AZ

Originally Posted by WSNTME View Post
Hey All! I've been lurking your forum for a bit now trying to gather information about motored bikes. All the information is great and I'm glad you are all here to share.

I was originally planning to motorize my MTB but found a completed bike for $50more than the kit itself. From reading i was convinced my frame would not fit a 4stoke kit So I now have a walmart schwinn delmar with a HS motor (beleive it's a hoot single chain?). I like the fact that the rear sproket is not attached to the spokes. I'm a bit disappointed in the top speed the way it is setup so I hope to improve at least that much. Currently I reach right at 25mph and I would like to acheive 35, 40 if possible. Sproket setup is 10t and 48t.

The brakes on this setup need to be addressed but so does the suspension(lack there of), so the brakes will probably be beefed up once i figure out what i'm doing for a front fork (k-10 is looking nice to me). I have a spare MTB fork but I beleive the steer tube is too big just by side-by-side eye-balling.

Anyway, glad to be doing less pedaling and hope to get this bike setup to my liking with the help of this forum.

Nice build, just keep in mind that in the heart of phoenix you WILL get a ticket
going much over 20mph which is the law here. good luck to you.
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