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Default Gave up trying to go fast

I decided to write here about the things I learned from messing with my 66cc bike

A lot of people who ride motorized bicycles want to go fast. And I'm not gonna lie I wanted to too. Really bad. I ended up doing all kinds of stuffs to my bike. It started out with SBP expansion chamber and a super small sprocket. Later it was 8 speed cassette and jackshaft. Then i got a new carb, airfilter and a new spark plug. So I've tried doing most of the kit stuff available.

I ended up spending so much money because stupid bikeberry was advertising their motors to have 6 horse powers and capable of reaching 40mph and I wasn't happy with my bike when I learned that I couldn't ride on roads with other cars. This made me go crazy with upgrades.

But I started getting rid of all of that stuff and started reverting back to stock. I first got rid of the jackshaft. Found out that once motorized bicycle starts shifting gears, its illegal where I live. The derailuers needed constant maintenance anyways so it wasn't even worth it.

After looking more into regulations I learned that there's nothing preventing me from riding MABs on sidewalks in Phoenix area as long as the bike complies with the definition of motorized bicycle except in Tempe which has the city ordinance.

So I swapped out my 27 tooth sprocket with 41. It was still going too fast but I learned to twist the throttle very slightly to go just a little bit faster than pedal bikes. So around 17 to 23 mph. It was still geting me to places faster than the bus since I could take direct routes and didn't have to wait for the bus.

At a low speed like 20mph, even in Tempe cops didn't even bother to stop me because of the city ordinance as long as I was wearing a full face helmet and gloves. Even on sidewalks riding the wrong way I didn't get stopped as long as there were no bike lanes.

After riding around like that for a while, I took off my 66cc and switched it with 49cc and it was so much quieter and had less vibrations.

When I rode 40mph + on my 66cc with engine upgrade parts and 27 tooth sprocket, the bike just couldn't handle all that extra speed and vibration. Bikes aren't usually meant to handle that kind of speed. My hands were filthy with grease almost everyday because I constantly had to retighten everything after each rides.

Now I don't have that problem anymore. 49cc with everything stock requires very little maintenance and never gets me into trouble with the law. I'm now very happy cruising around 23 mph on my motorized bicycle.

I was about to spend several grands on a real heavy duty built MTB and a Morini, instead I discovered the joy of slow and easy riding. AND because I didn't bust my motorcycle savings on a ridiculously pricy custom motorized bicycle, I saved up enough for a KTM Superduke 990. Ill be going to a local KTM Dealer in about couple of weeks

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