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Default Re: Motorbicycling ebook

Originally Posted by UVsaturated View Post
What the third section is about is going to be operation and maintenance. Because I do things 'my way' and you do things 'your way' I want to illicit your experiences in this thread on how you operate and maintain your motorized bike. Tell me from your experience, what things you do and what is not important to you and why. Everything you write, I will put into consideration as a whole from everyone, that way this section becomes written by your experiences and suggestions and this will help others navigate more easily the trials and errors that you have discovered.

Your mistakes, will make someone else think twice by reading this book.

Thanks and I will be in touch.
Just my own personal opinion, but I like to mention "maintain" before "operate". Having your machine properly maintained before even putting butt on saddle is all part-and-parcel of operating safely. I make time for a pre-ride checklist of sorts. I check my chain alignment & tension (due to angle of chainstay, I must use a guide-wheel) tightness of motor-mounts and various other important bolts, tire pressure, brightness of lights, throttle & clutch & brake actions, look for leaking fuel, check tank for amount of fuel, make sure I've got all my spokes (DON'T ASK. I've got a reason for that one.) and sometimes I'll look at a couple other things too - like seat bolts, handlebar tightness, whatever comes to mind.
After that, operating it safely is much less of a worry if your bike feels like it is solid and sound as you ride it. I feel it's easier to focus on my surroundings and enjoying my trip when I'm not worrying about whether I have enough fuel, what's making a strange noise, why the back is vibrating, or whether a part is gonna fly off and hit me in the pants.

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