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Default Re: is bike broke in and what next step

Oil manufacturers make their own recommendations regarding how much oil to mix with gasoline for proper lubrication in a 2 stroke engine. Some synthetics and semi-synthetics require less oil than a pure petrolium product.

The Opti-2 that was mentioned, which I'm a firm believer in, is a semi-syn oil. It is to be mixed to a 100;1 ratio. Don't try that with an oil that is supposed to be mixed at 50:1.
Also remember that the less oil you use, the richer the fuel/air ratio. When you go up in ratio numbers, exampe, 100:1, you'll need to decrease the fuel to air ratio. I know that sounds weird but the reason is that when you reduce the amount of oil in your mix you effectively increase the amount of gasoline. Hence you get a richer fuel to air ratio.
Using Opti-2 at 100:1 I decrease my carburetor jet size until I get the running conditions/spark plug color that gives me the best performance.

One thing we always recommend is to stay away from oil that is formulated exclusively for outboard boat engines. Outboards are water cooled and therefore don't require the oil to be able to withstand the heat generated by an air cooled engine. Stick with a good quality 2 cycle oil made for air cooled applications and you'll be good.

Like was said above; oil recommendations are as varied as the users. Everyone has their favorites and you'll eventually find what works for you. In truth, any 2 stroke oil will suffice in a Chinese 2 stroke engine. Some swear by the cheapest Wallmart oil and some will say that you have to spend a fortune for it. Suit yourself.

As for draining your tank; just burn what's left and start fresh with a new batch. Always mix your fuel/oil in a seperate container and shake well before filling the bike's tank. Never mix in the tank. You'll end up with a carburetor full of oil and your engine won't run.

Hope that helps a little.

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