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Default is bike broke in and what next step

hope this is right place for this ,
the bike i got from Craigslist 49cc china girl one has about 300 miles on speedometer he gave me a gas can as well it says on the can he wrote , 16/1 6oz oil to gallon of gas , i friend of mine says that too much oil and recommended opti2 (100-1)if i can find it here , or other oils at 24/1or 32/1 , is this bike broke in at 300 miles??? and if so whats be my next move with the oil the opti2 , or another brand at 32/1 or 24/1 .

There's about 1/5 of gas left in the tank (i was going to drain it and start afresh with new gas/oil )cannot get to ride it yet as too cold hope end of week i can ,
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