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I would love to know more about fairings - where to get them/how to make some. I deff notice lately (wind been about 15-20mph) that I can feel myself slowing down with every gust even when I lay myself out as much as possible. I'm a big dude at 6"1' 220lbs and in my opinion decent shape, and my body/clothing catches some serious wind.
I would think if I could streamline my bike with some kind of decent fairings I could gain some speed. When I'm in my neighborhood its not such a big deal as the streets are fairly short and the houses and landscapeing create a decent wind break. However when I head out on the main roads with cars flying by me at 45 - 55mph the wind is deff an issue.
I also have no delusions that I could make my bike a 0 wind drag w/o turning my bike into some kind of 8ft bubble looking thing. Bwahahahah I have seen solar bikes and such which are covered completely and I'm not looking to go that route. But would fairings like would be on a pocket bike help?
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