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Default Re: Hello from Central Florida!

What a day!! Just an FYI for anyone buying a Genesis Onex or Astra......

Long story short, I returned the Astra and ended up leaving with an Onex. I would caution anyone buying either bike to REEEEALY take a close look before you walk out of Walmart with it. If it's not assembled, this could be tough. When I got the Astra home, sitting on it, it looked as if something was "off". I was busy working so I had my son take a close look. Long story shorter.....

The frame was not straight and that caused everthing esle about the bike to be off center or just not right. It looked as if the entire frame was bent causing the rear wheel to point to the right when the axle was centered in the dropouts. Not a little, a lot. It was the same way at the front. Basically the frame was bent in, in the middle from left to right, looking at it from the top.

Sooooo....... I also was informed that there was not another Astra in the entire area so I would have had to order a replacement. After some thought and considering the idea of a 29" donor bike for forks, front brakes and other parts, I decided to leave with a fully assembled Onex. I spent about an hour tuning it up and it rides very nicely and everything is perfectly straight. The only problem is the brake. It's all but useless and sometimes sticks. Maybe a ride and some break in will cure that. At the Wallymart where I bought it, they have a Geneisis 29" Mt Bike which I might pick up this afternoon so I can start playing around!! Nothing on craigslist panned out so Monday I will order my motor and other parts. Thanks again for all the great info here. I'm headed out to take a about a 3 mile ride on my unmotorized, new Onex

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