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Default Re: Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

honestly, i don't know.

the only expansion chambers i've used before are the SBP pipes, and i think they're too small for a heavily modified engine. i could feel the power band coming on at higher rpms, but i never felt any increase in power over some of the other pipes i built, from my insanely loud megaphone to the modified stock pipe with a supertrapp tip.

the chamber just seemed to lean my bike out to the point of destruction.

with this bigger pipe, i plan to run "seat of the pants" type tests on it, as well as gps runs to compare it to other pipes i've made.

i personally don't think an expansion chamber gives the giant boost everyone expects them to, or claims they do. maybe the arrow guys got the right set up, but i never used one..

i'll let you guys know if it works...
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