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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

graydog8josh: I jumped in didn’t know yaw was onto a paper. RMLL build, you know where RMLL blogging thread is. Reader’s interested 54 Roadmaster Luxury Liner use the Google bar inside the fourm.

That build was about, give or take a hundred and odd change $1,150.00 USD at last count and I do not think I am much more than 50 off with that figure.

Build cost of a bike like the RMLL are related to fairly priced quality parts purchased mainly from trusted supporting vendors of this forum. Underline quality parts, RMLL was not a kit but I did not invent the wheel here; I paid those who did already <fair>. The rest of the cost of this build was driven by exacting bids on eBay. The RMLL build attempts to accurately reflect a sixty year by gone period of US manufacture and style.

PS: Wow grand idea for a paper! You will fare well on topic alone. Surly you have an A paper would enjoy reading!

PS PS All COLLEGE BOUND Follow this man’s lead here; I see a lot of potential for STATS class with the data you could collect or just ask for or find yourself….
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