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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

Last build:
$150.00 for used Morini engine, threw the rest of the motorcycle away
$150.00 for Worksman bicycle. Ended up using the seatpost back and parts of the fork
$20.00 approx. for 1" tubing
$15.00 for 3/16 stainless steel plate
$20.00 approx. for 2'x4' 11 ga. sheet for seat and tank and other mild steel flat stock
$5.00 for leather to cover seat
$70.00 for used wheel set with Shimano roller brakes. Only used front wheel.
$15.00 for cable and housing
$15.00 for 2 cans of rattle can paint
$40.00 for Nickel welding rod to electroplate parts
$15.00 for compression springs for front forks.
$15.00 for stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers
$530.00 Approx total for parts

Plus endless hours building it, taking it apart, remaking stuff till it suited me.
If I could get $3200 for it that would earn me about $15 an hour for my time.
But I've had more fun with it than if I had spent $3200 having fun in other ways.

Is bike building a passion? Uh...for me it's more like an obsession!
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