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Default Re: Greetings from PA

Originally Posted by pharside View Post
On a side note, anyone know the laws on these things here in PA?
Yes. Local laws may vary, and if your local laws say different than state law, go by your local law but be aware that if you travel outside your local area without tags, you may still be pulled over. First things first, PA state law requires that any on-road motorized vehicle be registered and insured, regardless of displacement. Now we'll get down to classifications. State law defines a motorized bicycle or moped as any motorized two-wheeled vehicle having a displacement of less than 50cc, no more than 2 horsepower, capable of speeds not greater than 25mph, and having an automatic transmission, which only means no clutching to shift. If your two-wheeled vehicle has a displacement greater than 49cc, more than 2 horsepower, goes faster than 25mph, or you have to clutch to shift gears, it is a motorcycle and subject to all DOT requirements for motorcycles. For motorized bicycles, you must have a DOT approved headlight, tail light and brake light. Turn signals are not required. Now the good news here is that there are loopholes. You don't actually have to prove any of those things except for the lights and the transmission. There is a required initial inspection called an enhanced vehicle inspection, but its mostly visual. They dont open your engine to check the displacement or clock you on a speedometer. Once you pass the initial inspection, yearly inspection is not required.
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