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Default Re: Keeping the disc brake while adding a large driven sprocket on the rear

Without using the kit provide sprocket, i would not need the top hat adapter. Just mount it directly to my wheel. Thats all my top hat adapter is doing, allowing me to mount my kit sprocket.

I can very easily drill out the center of a solid sprocket, and drill out the mounting holes for the disc wheel and make my own spacing the way i want to better line up everything.

If can get my buddy to make me what i need in town and a lot cheaper I would rather go that route next time.

Dont' get me wrong the top hat adapter is great but there really wasn't much left of it after i got it to fit. Plus, it did not allow me to run the size rotor I really wanted. If i tried, I was afraid I would compromise the top hat adapter. Wasn't very much material left just to get a 160mm rotor on there. I had to do a lot of shaving just to get the rotor to clear my chain stay.

Who knows? The next one i do the top hat adapter may work perfectly? I've only tried it my hardrock.
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